Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Wreath

I've been keeping myself busier than usual with projects around the house in an attempt to decorate more thoughtfully and creatively (read: without spending money). October 1st came round and since I almost love Fall as much as Christmas, I had an impulsive desire to go buy pumpkins, hay bales, and cornstalks galore. But I accepted that my front porch will never look like a page in the Pottery Barn catalog, so I turned to my recent addiction, pinterest. If you don't know pinterest, it's basically an online bulletin board where you "pin" all of your finds from the web, home, and other people's boards. Great for searching home diy projects, party ideas, and recipes. I also love seeing what other people pin. Of course, get ready to waste lots of unproductive time online getting greedy and craving just about everything with butter and sugar. Tip: don't search "brownies" unless you're emotionally stable.

I did a search for fall wreaths and found this fun thing by ItzFitz on Etsy:

I've got a ton of random skeins lying around, so I thought this would be a fun, not-to0-challenging project to whip up. Aside from untangling my 10-month-old daughter from the yarn a few times, it was fairly easy. You do have to wind the yarn around the styrofoam wreath a gajillion times, but if you watch plenty of Housewives & Project Runway, you'll be fine.

Without further ado, my take:

Not too shabby if I do say so myself! Are you doing any fall crafts or projects? Have you tried this wreath? I'd love to see if it you have!